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About Department

CMRCET MBA is one of the leading MBA College in the state of Telangana, located at campus in a spacious building: It taps the talent of the most successful of the ICET aspirants.

With only 120 seats being offered every year for Regular MBA program at CMRCET MBA, it has been the dream destination for all the ICET toppers who choose to pursue their MBA. It draws in the talented from every nook and corner of Telangana.

The pillars of CMRCET MBA are
  • The faculty
  • Discipline
  • Books & Journals
  • Students
  • Campus Placements

CMRCET MBA has the best faculty. Each professor has years of experience in teaching, training, consulting and research. The pedagogy used in imparting knowledge, exposes the budding managers to blossom. We also have adjunct faculty drawn from the fraternity of experts from industry, who teach our students. On every week the department invites professional from various functional areas to share their practical knowledge.

The students are encouraged to be the members of the professional organization like HMA, NHRD which helps them to interact with leaders to guide, train and mould their career with their valuable inputs.

The department organizes several events, workshops, seminars and management fests from time to time with a view to provide them an update on contemporary issues in management. MBA students take part in these events with all the seriousness and passion. In all, the department provides every student an opportunity to prove himself/herself and facilitate unearthing the hidden talents in them. Students find in our department a platform to show case their talent.

Discipline is the biggest asset of department. Unlike any other colleges, it sticks to the academic calendar. Students are made to make time management as a part of their life. Attendance is given as much importance as the academics. Punctuality is inculcated by all the students from their professors who preach by their actions.

Management course requires extensive reading to keep oneself updated and in sync with times. Reading, reflection and analysis are the keys to success. CMRCET MBA has a central library catering to the needs of the entire College. Department is unique in the sense that MBA has its own departmental library which houses a vast number of books on the courses studied in each semester, national and international journals, all the daily English business newspapers, internet connectivity around the clock. Some of the valuable assets the School is proud of include SPSS software, Prowess (CMIE company database) and Emerald Insights (that provides access to innumerable number of e-journals in Management) etc.

Each year students come and leave after their MBA. But there is a strong bond built in the heart of every student of CMRCETMBA. The strong family like relationship and the friendliness among the students is a blessing in disguise to each student. Students at CMRCETMBA believe in SYNERGY to succeed. Team spirit, leading and managing become the part and parcel of each student in CMRCETMBA automatically. Besides learning, there is a fun and frolic during various events including Leadership and adventure camps.

Each day in CMRCETMBA is unique in the way that continuous learning and sharing with lots of fun and enjoyment takes place. The management perspectives are learnt from movies like CHAKDEINDIA, LAGAAN, TARE ZAMEEN PAR, GURU, GUNS OF NAVARONE and THE GODFATHER. Documentaries (Enron, Super size me) and speeches by management guru’s (ShivKhera, Sumantraghosal) are screened mandatorily. We invite every source of learning.

Students come in with lot of hopes to be placed in the best organizations and CMRCETMBA makes this true to them. The Department has its alumni placed in very senior positions in both the corporate and academics. Some of the organizations to quote are mentioned down. The Department lays wonderful foundation even in entrepreneurship by bringing the successful entrepreneurs to school to familiarize students with the contemporary opportunities besides orienting them in terms of the risk-reward related issues.

CMRCETMBA has started the following Management Clubs :
  • Finance Club
  • Marketing Club
  • HR Club
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Club
  • Entrepreneurship Club 
  • Project Management, Information Technology and Systems Club
  • Placement Club

Teaching and training is important but creating a thirst for knowledge by questioning, encouraging and challenging, is the most crucial task. This thirst is quenched by CMR pedagogical approach to management education, which provokes students to think beyond text books and encourages them to construct their own bridges to find real time solutions.

  • At CMR classroom learning is highly interactive involving case studies, simulations and exercises, individual & group presentations, role-plays and live projects.
  • Lectures and seminars from distinguished speakers from academia and industry are included in the curriculum to keep students updated on emerging trends in the industry and economy.
  • The teaching methodology is designed to enhance originality of thoughts, creativity in decision making and building managerial competence.
  • Strong emphasis is laid on building analytical capability among the students through participation and presentation of cases ranging from brief business situation analysis to functional cases in each stream.
  • Students with different backgrounds, qualifications and learning styles are encouraged to bring in their experiences and perspectives as key learning. In both individual and team-based projects, students constantly challenge themselves and are inspired to give their best in an academically rigorous yet open-minded environment.
  • Team work and peer learning is one of the key focus areas at CMR. Tasks/assignments are designed in such a fashion that these involve a lot of group work and interaction among students. All this enables student learn interpersonal skills and group dynamics; an extremely essential requirement for later part of their lives.
  • Case studies
  • Discussions
  • Face-to-face-feed back
  • Learning Labs
  • Problem-Solving Sessions
  • Role-Plays
  • Simulations
  • Team Projects
  • Theatrical overviews 
  • Course Files ( Materials, old question papers, Assignments )
  • CMRCET MBA  through e-Connect provides plethora of teaching learning resources for anytime anywhere access to the students wherein they can learn online as per their convenience and pace, carrying along with them a worldwide classroom.