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"The things taught in schools and colleges are not an education, but the means to an education..."

Alumni of 8 years old Department of MBA, CMR COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY have distinguished themselves at the National and International levels. They have spread far and wide globally and done their Alma Mater proud by excelling themselves as academicians, administrators, scholars, entrepreneurs and Managers. Several of them have reached heights of excellence in their respective fields and are significantly contributing to the socio-economic development of the nation and world at large.

The very mention of alumni brings before us the glorious past and distinctiveness of our College – that we are old, large and big. It conjures up vivid memories of yester years the nostalgia and rich heritage and traditions of the past, which shaped our College. Over the years we have crossed several milestones, made significant contributions to the advancement of knowledge and kept pace with the changing times and needs of new generations. We have transitioned from a traditional College and are now surging ahead to become a pace setter in the field of higher education with an international outlook and a global outreach

Alumni are a part of these processes of continuity & change and tradition & modernity. The College seeks to institutionalize these bonds between alumni and alma mater through the Association into a life long relationship

Department of MBA, CMR COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY has always considered its alumni as a source of strength, support and sustenance in its endeavours of scholarship, innovation and institution building in higher education. The Alumni Association of CMR COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY has been formed in September 2003 in order to fulfill the long felt need for a forum and the cherished desires of its alumni It has been duly registered as a society (Regd.No.451 of 2009) to activate its functioning A committee has been constituted to provide vision, guidance and coordinate the all-round activities of the Alumni Association.


Our mission is to develop relations between all Students of the Department of MBA, CMR COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY community, promote continuing education and create opportunities for networking, employment and business for all our Students

Aims and Objectives

To promote and foster mutually beneficial interaction between the Alumni and the present students of the Department of MBA, CMR COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY and between the Alumni themselves.

  • To play a proactive and supportive role for the college, it’s students and the institution at large.
  • To serve as a link between the institution’s faculty, students, management and the industries.
  • To bring about an effective, cohesive and mutually beneficial networking between the members of the alumni.
Action Plan towards Achieving the Objectives
  • Objective 1 - Support to Students and Institute
    • Arranging for Industrial visit/training of students.
    • Assisting in Placements.
    • Providing information on latest happenings
    • Arranging guest lectures in the college.
    • Management training for faculty and the management, if required.
    • Arranging training program, career consultations (Higher studies, developing communication and interpersonal skills of students for interviews).
    • Objective 2 - Link between Industry and Institute
      • To find sponsors for graduation / higher education / training from the industries.
      • To project and promote the college to industrial houses and creating a brand image.
      • Arranging representations in trade fairs from the college.
    • Objective 3 – Networking Amongst Alumni
      • Create database of graduated students & create a networking website of the Alumni association.
      • Publish regular bulletins on Alumni activities and achievements by alumni members.
      • To arrange get-togethers at various locations in order to promote active interaction between the members.
      • To interact and motivate members to associate and contribute for the alumni. To propagate the feeling of belongingness to the community.
      • Orientation of incoming alumni members.

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