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Guidelines for Authors

  • • The cover page of the article / research paper should include the title of the paper, Author’s name, Designation, organization with the address, contact number & email address
  • • Name(s) of the author(s) should not appear anywhere in the entire text other than the cover page

  • Font type
    • • Articles should be typed in single line spacing with the following font pattern
    • • For subtitles : 12 points and Bold
    • • Content of article : 12 points

  • Font Size
    • • For main heading or title: 14 points and Bold
    • • Font type : Times new roman

  • Submission Order
    • • The following order should be strictly followed while submitting the article
    • • The following order should be strictly followed while submitting the article
    • • From second page : Start with abstract of about 200-300 words exactly conveying the content of the article, Keywords ( at least 5 words ) Main content text with all tables and figures aligned in their location ( do not send tables and figures separately unless requested), list of symbols and abbreviations, acknowledgement ,references ( follow standard format),
    • • Titles: Do not capitalise the titles unnecessarily unless required
    • • Ex: ABSTRACT can be capitalised but instead of giving as INTRODUCTION give it as Introduction without capitalising

  • • References
    • • All references must be arranged first alphabetically and then it may be further sorted chronologically also. If the reference is provided from the same Author (s) in the same year it must be identified by the letter “a”, “b”, “c”, etc which is placed after the publication year. Ex. (2000,”a”)
    • • References should be the last part of the article following the below given format
    • • [1] Prakash.R., and Ramesh G.R, 2008, Article title, Journal of American Society of Civil Engineers, 23(2),pp 12-15.
    • • [2] Prajesh G.,2004, Article title, Journal of Applied Engineering, 45(2), pp 13-17.
    • • Books: P.K.Gupta., (2006). Introduction to Operations Research, 3rd. Ed. McGraw Hill Inc, 34-96.
    • • Book chapter: Botkin,J (2006). What do you meant by Ecosystem in : Environmental Science of Living Plater, 3rd edition, E-age Publishing, New York.
    • • Conferences: Ganeshkumar.B, “ Geospatial technology for disaster management”, International Conference on Disaster Mitigation and Management, PSNA College of Engineering and Technology, Dindigul, pp 234-238
    • • Web pages: Ramesh J (2007) How to draw in Computers. IOP Publishing PhysicsWeb. Accessed 26 June 2010
  • • All the manuscript will be sent for blind review process, the corresponding author will be informed by the editor about acceptance or rejection of the manuscript within a period of time. On acceptance of the manuscript, the modifications suggested by the reviewers are to be incorporated by the author with in a period of 10 days and send copy of the revised manuscript again.
  • • The editor reserves the right to modify or improve the manuscript as per the standard of journal
  • • The copyright of the research papers published in the journal shall lie with the publisher.
  • • The authors whose papers are selected for publication shall make a subscription (Rs 2000) for annual of the printed edition of the journal per author
  • • Copies of the journal are available by way Annual Subscription (Rs 2000 for annual or Life Time Rs 10,000)